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Katja Heger

TELEPHONE: +447776120696
WEBSITES: pilatesinealing.co.uk yogainealing.co.uk youtube.com

Katja is passionate about health, fitness and wellbeing. When teaching, she passes on her decade of experience gathered as a professional dancer and incorporates dynamic, fluent movements from her own practice. Both her Pilates and Yoga training inform, affect and feed into each other, however she tends to keep both practices clearly differentiated unless chosen particularly to mix them.

Katja has developed a passion for teaching Pilates and Yoga to women during pregnancy in order to help with their postnatal recovery. Being mother to 2 children herself, she has experienced first hand the benefits of Pilates and Yoga before, during and after pregnancy and childbirth.

During her classes, Katja focuses on finding a balance between strengthening core muscle groups, developing long lean muscles and stretching to achieve relaxation in tight body areas and create space in the joints. Movements are linked by the breath hence creating a fluent class where each exercise flows into the next. She places an emphasis on coordination, movement quality, precision, balance and breath awareness as well as stress management and relaxation.

Katja likes to help people to better understand their bodies, and improve their physical health as well as mental and spiritual wellbeing; she hopes for them to find and trust their inner teacher! Katja is very motivated and loves people to enjoy the class, to absorb it as a great relief from stress and confidence boost.


Mondays 12~1pm, £13/ person; payment for full half-term block is required up-front.
For enquiries please get in touch.