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10 positive steps to improve your life
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Frederica Smith

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10 positive steps to improve your life


  1. Be positive~ Negativity influences your attitude, behaviour and how others feel when they are around you.
  2. Smile and sing~ Not all the time- but doing a bit more of both will lift your spirit and everyone around you.
  3. Stand up straight~ Learn to hold a good posture. It will improve your breathing; And you’ll look stronger, slimmer and more beautiful.
  4. Sleep more~ You can’t perform properly unless your body can repair. Aim for at least 8 hours every night. You’ll feel rejuvenated and revitalised. Remember, the hours before midnight are worth 2!
  5. Be kind~ To others, to yourself, to animals and birds. Never be too busy to give someone a helping hand. One small act of kindness will brighten both your day and theirs.
  6. Breath in the air~ Try this little exercise: Breath in for 4 counts and out for 4 counts, slowly and deeply. After 5 breaths increase to 6 counts in and out. Repeat breath in ‘let’ and breath out ‘go’.
  7. Review your life~ Have you taken on too much or too many commitments? Are you prioritising what’s important? Are you spending enough time with your family?
  8. Stretch it out~ Take up yoga and meditation. This will improve your stress levels, release tension and bring about relaxation. It will deepen your relationship with yourself and your innerself.
  9. Say thankyou. Make having gratitude in your life a priority. Even make a list of all the things you are most grateful for and refer to it on a regular basis. Having a heart full of gratitude will bring about positive results, happiness and feelings of self worth.
  10. Plant a herb garden~ The positive benefits of herbs growing in and about the house are wonderful. Herbs can be eaten in salads and used in cooking, for teas and infusions, encourages bees into the garden and are good to liven up your food in all seasons.

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